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La musica dei General Brothers all'Ischia Film Festival

Award Winning Italian Pop Band The General Brothers Played A Successful Show At Ischia Film Festival - purpledarts

Award winning Italian pop rock band the General Brothers just played a wildly successful show at The Ischia Film Festival in Italy. The band was the opener for the festival party and the audience “all felt the Magic!” This amazing performance was on the heels of their Global Music Award gold medal wins for Best Pop/Rock Song and Best Band by the Global Music Awards. Their single “Feel the Magic” was the reason they won Best Pop/Rock Song and you can watch the music video on YouTube. Their fun and upbeat single is the perfect embodiment of their message as a band. They’re all about love, togetherness and living in the moment. 

You can also download their album for free on Noisetrade. The band has been performing at major venues across their home country of Italy and just made it past the first round of auditions for The X Factor: Italy. You won’t want to miss out on these promising newcomers. You can watch band interviews, official music videos and more live shows on their YouTube channel. Keep up with the General Brothers onFacebook, Instagram and their official website here:
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